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intellectual suburban
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4th-Aug-2010 09:52 pm - Tatted up

So i went with sam & got a tattoo! Here is a pic. Sorry the bandage is still on! & fyi its on my wrist

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1st-Aug-2010 07:53 pm - Hurricane Justin

So now that "hurricane" justin is asleep. Maybe i can clean my house! I hate for it to be so messy-it stresses me out!

Sorry its so dark but i'm resting on the couch before i tackle this mess and i'm being lazy.


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31st-Jul-2010 11:29 pm - Time to nut up or shut up

Yeah this is what i'm watching now. I love it!

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31st-Jul-2010 09:23 pm - Iphone app

Right now i'm on the livejoural app for iphone. I'm digging it.
Maybe i'll update more now!

So this is some pics of my son just as a test.


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24th-Jul-2010 12:38 am(no subject)
garden State
I'm in LA, finally. Feels great.

I'm excited about tomorrow. Seeing everyone. maddax's bday party @ pinnochios.

I'm not excited about DBo being there. so awkward. get your own friends and leave us alone!


i really do believe i am the ONLY one that updates livejournal anymore. that's ok. i love it.!.

19th-Jul-2010 01:34 pm(no subject)
As crazy & messed up things are now, i feel at peace.

i'm so ready for:
a vacation
going to the beach
moving to la
living life
18th-Jul-2010 08:28 pm(no subject)
last night i had an effed up dream. like. seriously.

it starts out i'm outside at my grandparents house. all of a sudden the sky gets completely black and grasshoppers/bugs started falling from the sky. we run inside and i start freaking out saying it was the end of the world.

all of a sudden we are in this room [sorta looks like a library minus tables]. there are several families there but we are divided into our own families. we are praying. everyone is.

me and two other girls start floating to heaven. at this point i figure i'm dying. as we float up we pass through "clouds"[?] of multicolored pastels. I do not want to leave my husband or son but i feel a peace over me and i know he will be ok, taken care of. we float higher and higher.

finally, me and another girl slowly come to a stop. the third girl keeps going to heaven. we are going back to our families. i'm happy but want that peace. before i make it to my family, i wake up in my dream & i'm on my grandparents sofa with everyone around me. seems i had been stung by several bugs and passed out. this is where i woke up.

this is not the first wacked out dream i had. i've been having them several weeks now. like pregnancy dreams. but i'm not.

i need a dream interpretation.
16th-Jul-2010 07:09 pm - oh livejournal....
how i've missed you...
8th-Feb-2010 12:16 pm - lessons in life....
so people say out of every experience a lesson should be learned. i'm still trying to decide what lesson i've learned from moving to texas =\
8th-Feb-2010 09:52 am - i'm blowing this popstand
well its official and this time i really mean official. we are moving back to louisiana. and i can't wait to get out of texas. we may move in my dad's for awhile to help save money but then we are heading to LA. ahh i'm ready to get out of this brain draining town. and back to reality.
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