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This is the first time in six years that I didn't have to work black friday thank god.  I don't understand why people would wait in line for hours and hours to maybe possibly get a deal on one item and pay overprice for all the other twenty things you get.  I understand to some its a tradition but fuck let the retail workers have a fucking break.

man reading back over all the LiveJournal i miss this time.  it was simple.  i wasn't worried about bills or if my son was getting a decent education i was worried about how much change i could cash in for some quiznos.

started Christmas shopping today and it really felt good.  I love being able to spend money on others.  Granted its not as much as i wish i could spend but its something.

i also love the complete randomness of LiveJournal and how many topics can be thrown together in one incoherent post and all is right with the world.

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