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intellectual suburban


23 April 1984
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80's, addicted, amusement parks, art, b movies, baths, baton rouge, beach, beck, books, bourbon st, boys, brand new, broadway, bubbles, camping, candles, character, cheesy horror films, chinese food, christian, church, church of god, coffee, coldplay, college, comedy central, concerts, crafts, csi, cuddling, cursive, cute guys, cutting up, dancing, dashboard confessional, dogs, donnie darko, dr pepper, drama, drinking, driving at night, every time i die, finger eleven, fishing, flip flops, fountain drinks, friends, god, good grammar, grand theft auto, hanging out, hanging out with friends, harry potter, hobby lobby, honesty, houma, inside jokes, intelligence, jesus christ, john mayer, johnny depp, kids, kissing, knowledge, laguna beach, laughing, learning, linkin park, living, louisiana, love, malls, mcdonalds, meeting new people, michael's, money, movies, mtv, music, nerds, new orleans, painting, panic at the disco, peer pressure, people, phone, photography, pictures, piercings, pink, polaroids, polka dots, popcorn, punk, punk rock prom, puppies, rain, reading, red, religion, road trips, rock, rock music, roller derby, saved by the bell, saves the day, scarves, shopping, silent hill, sleeping, slippers, something corporate, stars, suicide girls, sunglasses, sunshine, swimming, switchfoot, taking back sunday, talking, tanning, target, taurus, the beach, the early november, the sims, thibodaux, three days grace, thrice, thrift shops, thrift stores, thursday, trapt, traveling, truth, vacations, video games, vintage, walmart, xbox, youth group,